Girl that gave me BlowJob – m4w – 18 (NoHo)

Date: 2010-08-04, 10:40AM PDT

Girl that gave me head in the burger king PlayPlace
What is your name???

Alrighty. Now don't get me wrong — I'm most certainly not one to need name-swapping prior to fluid-swapping, but for Pete's sake (assuming his name was Pete):

You got a BJ at Burger King?

What could you both have possibly eaten that didn't make you feel like a gassy waste of space and instead put you in the mood for fornication among urine-soaked and snot-laden plastic balls?

I've mapped all the Burger Kings in the North Hollywood, Calif., region (there are more than several) and concluded that the valley remains off limits for public fucking of the mouth. Or any other orifice for that matter.

Cuz you never know where those balls have been.

LA Weekly