Craigslist founder Craig Newmark appeared at a celebratory memorial this weekend near Minneapolis for Katherine Olson, the young woman murdered in 2007 by so-called Craigslist Killer Michael Anderson. (For full story, see “Craig Newmark Speaks at Victim's Memorial in Wake of Craigslist Killings. See same story's conclusion for an updated report about the memorial.) Olson had responded to a bogus ad posted by Anderson in which he had posed as a mother requesting a nanny.

Newmark appeared both humble and apologetic as he said of his online advertising service that, “Despite the billions of times well-meaning people have helped each

other through Craigslist, it's been devastating to see that it can also

be used by bad people to take cruel advantage of others and bring a

senseless end to a beautiful young life.” Newmark was clearly addressing concerns that he'd created a

cyber Frankenstein that has now reached out to claim several lives.

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