From the annals of chutzpah, we have news today that entertainer Pat Boone has bestowed the coveted “Guardian of Seniors' Rights award” on Craig Huey, the Tea Party candidate in next Tuesday's Congressional election.

This is the same Craig Huey who makes his living by targeting direct-mail solicitations to old people. The Craig Huey who openly talks about using fear of President Obama to sell investment schemes through the mail.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the great guardian of seniors' rights. What a world.

In a release, Boone describes Huey as a “fighter for the elderly.”

Indeed, on his website Huey vows to fight for your right to take whatever nutritional supplements you want — regardless of whether some “government bureaucrat” at the FTC thinks those supplements have been “deceptively marketed” with “misleading” and “unsubstantiated” health claims.

“This is a simple issue of freedom,” Huey says on his website. “Just because a government bureaucrat doesn't approve of you taking a supplement is no reason to ban it.”

If you want to try to cure your Alzheimer's with something called “GH3 Romanian Youth Formula,” then doggone it, that's your right as a freedom-loving American. And if Craig Huey wants to make his money selling it to Alzheimer's patients — who are more vulnerable than most to shady direct mail offers — then that's his right too.

“Clearly, seniors will have no finer friend in Congress than Craig Huey,” Boone said.

Boone's endorsement is actually ripped right from the Craig Huey playbook on how to sell products to the seniors.

Under the heading “So how do you disarm the skepticism of the mature market,” Huey writes:

“In particular, retirees and seniors are impressed with celebrities or other individuals who use the product or service.”

In this case, the product is Huey himself. Say what you will about the guy, he sure seems to know what he's doing.

LA Weekly