Craig Huey, the Tea Party candidate for the 36th Congressional District, hosted a town hall last night in Torrance at which he touted his seven secrets for jump-starting the economy.

They are — spoiler alert — a bunch of conservative talking points about cutting spending and repealing President Obama's health care law.

“If we do these seven things, we can boom the economy,” Huey told the crowd of about 75 people, mostly seniors. “We can have the middle class strengthened, and a whole new America again… We can have a 7-8% growth rate… We will have a housing boom again if we do this.”

Where do I sign up?

It also got into somewhat fringier territory. Huey warned the crowd about President Obama's proposed “Internet kill switch.” Huey noted that after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak shut down the Internet during the uprising, “Obama was quiet about the kill switch.”

The discussion moved to the subject of Israel. Huey objects to efforts to restrain settlement building on the West Bank.

“Jerusalem has been told they can't build in Israel,” Huey said. “Can you imagine if someone told us we couldn't build in Washington, D.C.?”

That leads to this question: Could Obama be plotting to attack Israel?

“The same pretense for going into Libya can be used to go into Israel,” Huey said.

How about some questions from the audience. One questioner wanted to know what could be done to restrain “one world government.”

Huey said he's no fan of the United Nations. In response to another question, he said he was worried about “erosion of the U.S. Constitution” and the expanding authority of “the UN or European banks” over U.S. affairs.

Wait, European banks?

Huey also got questions on immigration and the “anti-family agenda” of the public schools. Afterwards, a voter came up and asked what can be done about “the anchor babies.” Huey assured her that he agreed with her concern, but that changing the law could be difficult.

He encouraged voters to volunteer and to bring three friends to the polls next Tuesday.

“We're going to win this race,” he said. “It's not just gonna be headlines in California. It's gonna be headlines in Washington… It's gonna be like a California earthquake.”

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