A California appeals court this week rejected a conservative group's challenge of the Los Angeles Police Department's policy when it comes to enforcement immigration law. The department makes note of immigrants arrested on suspicion of certain drug offenses and transfers the information to the Sheriff's Department as suspects reach sheriff's lockups. That information is then made available to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

But the group, Judicial Watch, argued that the LAPD, as the arresting agency, has the responsibility of notifying the Department of Homeland security directly when such arrests happen.

In a complicated ruling, the court rejected Judicial Watch's challenge, however, failed to provide evidence that the department was violating the law. Judge Laurie D. Zelon added that “the federal government has no objection to this method of proceeding.”

In June another Judicial Watch challenge to LAPD policy was rejected by a state appeals court. The group questioned the department's hands-off policy on illegal immigrants, which states cops are not to stop anyone solely to check their immigration status.

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