After 650-pound New Jersey resident Donna Simpson proudly ate a 30,000-calorie Christmas meal, we didn't think the Garden State could get any classier. We were wrong.

Williamstown couple Cliff Ranson and Elizabeth Fischer tied the knot on Tuesday in the Dunkin' Donuts franchise on Route 42 South. According to

The pair tied the knot in the Sicklerville coffee shop surrounded by machines brewing their favorite beverage, trays of glazed doughnuts and mounds of Munchkins.

The bride, however, rejected her mother's suggestion that she carry a bouquet of Munchkins. She has standards.

The pair are Dunkin' Donuts fanatics, sometimes hitting the drive-through twice in one night, and with four children, ages 3 to 8, they need the high-octane coffee the chain serves.

Paresh Patel, owner of the Sicklerville franchise, says he believes it's the first wedding inside a Dunkin' Donuts shop — though it turns out that not only is he incorrect, but it's not even the first Dunkin' Donuts wedding in New Jersey. Regardless, the most recent donut newlyweds plan to have a larger wedding ceremony in September, but instead of a wedding cake, they'll serve a doughnut tower.

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