Either the corn mazes in Massachusetts are a lot more complicated or the residents are a lot less smart. A couple had to call 911 for a rescue after getting lost in the Connors Farm corn maze. “We thought this would be fun. Instead, it's a nightmare,” said the unnamed woman in her call to 911.

Mitigating Circumstance #1: They had their three-week-old baby with them.

Mitigating Circumstance #2: They entered the maze in the late afternoon and lost their way as it grew dark.

Mitigating Circumstance #3: Damn! Look at that Headless Horseman-themed corn maze. That is complicated.

On the East Coast, they take their corn mazes seriously in a way that it's probably impossible for us Californians to comprehend. We take it all back. We never want to go near, let alone enter, that type of labyrinthine vegetable-based “amusement.”

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