What's the fun of getting Loked, really, without the thrill of clutching that gorgeous ghetto can — wrap-around camouflage backdrop, attrocious font combo smeared down the side — and the satisfying crack of aluminum tab?

But if you're one of those diehards who loves a tall can of Loko for who it is on the inside, you're in luck. This self-congratulatory YouTube star believes he may have discovered the contents of Pandora's box:

We only have one complaint: wayyy underwhelming dose of malt liquor. St. Ides only has 8 percent alcohol content — dude is essentially chugging straight Jolly Rancher. If you want to get anywhere near Loko tonight, visit your local liquor store and ask them for the strongest stuff they've got.

And in the meantime, faithful readers, snoop the rest of the countdown.

LA Weekly