You have seen the storefront of Origami Vinyl if you have ever gone to the Echo or had a slice of pizza at Two Boots. The store is packed with an impressive mix of local (and not-so-local) releases in a variety of genres, and host some amazing all-ages in-stores on a pretty regular basis. There will be some can't-miss performances on RSD starting at 2– We caught up with Neil so he could tell us a little more about who is playing, as well as his relationship with vinyl.

What's the schedule for Saturday?

2pm – Special Guest TBA on day of show

4pm – Nick T from Islands

6pm – Hanni El Khatib

8pm – The Growlers

And! Origami, which will open at 10AM, will give the first 150 customers a free Origami vinyl/Altamont tote bag stuffed with goodies with any purchase.

What local Record Store Day release are you most looking forward to?

I'm really looking forward to The Entrance Band 7″, OFF! 7″ and The Growlers 7.”

How is Record Store Day different from any other in-store or sale day?

It's a great day to celebrate independent shops and the community. The support and graciousness is like no other. It's an awesome feeling.

What is your favorite release from past Record Store Days?

It may be the Sonic Youth 7″s with Beck and Jay Reatard. Or the Jesus Lizard 7″ booklet.

Care to weigh in on the relationship between Record Store Day and the consumption of physical music formats?

Record Store Day is really about awareness. Awareness of vinyl and local record shops. I feel like its a huge reason why many people are coming back to vinyl. It's because of events like this that really help evangelize the medium.

How are vinyl fans different from fans of cassette tapes, a format that has been making a resurgence lately?

I think cassettes are fun. They're cheap to make and cheap to acquire. They're a pretty inferior format to vinyl due to their sound quality and ability to wear down easily. They are definitely a much smaller niche than vinyl. I think it's cool that people are coming back to tangible goods in any form so it's great to see them have a new life.

How has your relationship with record store day changed since you went from becoming a music consumer to a store proprietor?

I didn't know it existed before I opened the shop! It had only been around one year prior and the only shop we had was Amoeba, so it kinda went unnoticed to me.

What's the most unexpected thing you've seen on Record Store Day?

I think it had to be coming to the shop for our first Record Store Day, which was like the third week we were open, and seeing a huge line out front. I had no idea what to expect and being a brand new store owner, I was in a bit of shock. Luckily everything went smoothly and we had a killer day. This year, I'd like to think we are a lot more prepared than we were the first two years.

Origami Vinyl is located at 1816 W Sunset Blvd in Echo Park. You can get more information here.

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