The city of Los Angeles is facing its worst budget crisis in generations, one that has the City Council considering laying off 1,500 people, eliminating entire city departments and cutting police and fire budgets and personnel. Tough decisions. Bad times.

At least one councilman has his priorities straight. During council negotiations this week to try to trim $208 million from city spending, the Westside's Bill Rosendahl stood up for calligraphy, notes LAist. That's right, he made a stand for the $1 million the city spends on handing out honorary certificates that commend, for example, Matthew Broderick, Queen Latifah and George Lopez. Because what rich, famous celebrities really need is a piece of paper that says the city recognizes them.

” … Whatever we need to do to preserve it, I want to do,” Rosendahl reportedly said.

Here's an idea, councilman: Why don't you introduce a motion to halve the number of staff members — currently 17 to 25 — allotted to each council office, halve the number of city cars allowed (now eight, with gas thrown in), and halve each council office's near $2 million discretionary fund? That way you can write all the proclamations you want. And you'll feel like a million dollars.

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