Updated with video.

Councilman Eric Garcetti, a candidate for L.A. mayor, has been on a fundraising tear lately. He had an event at Moby's house. He had one with Jimmy Kimmel. In a couple weeks, he'll have one with (OMG OMG OMG) Howard Dean.

But it'll be hard to top the event he had on Sunday at a polo match at Will Rogers State Historic Park. The invitation was sent to members of the Supper Club, who were enticed with an “exclusive polo day out on the grounds” with the future mayor of L.A., “whilst enjoying lunch and cocktails.” Wait, whilst?

Garcetti tossed out the first ball, which seems to be a lot like dropping the first puck in hockey, except then you have to run like hell to avoid being knocked over by a horse.

The event was hosted by the Ripinksy Family and Continental Development, which touts its ability to “leverage its longstanding community relationships for purposes of entitling and developing complex urban infill projects.” Exciting!

The match was between Malibu and Pacific Palisades. We can only assume that Garcetti was rooting for the Palisadians.

Quick, get out of the way...

Quick, get out of the way…

Sadly, Garcetti did not mount up. He is a man of many hidden talents, but it appears polo is not one of them.

(Called for comment, Bill Carrick, Garcetti's consultant, called this whole thing “trivia.” Well, yes. This is a blog post.)

Update: Via The Daily Truffle, here's video of Garcetti speaking and then throwing:

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