In light of the Egyptian government cutting off internet access for its up-in-arms citizens, we recently pondered if such a move would ever be possible stateside (say, if Sarah Palin were elected president and she didn't like the comments about her daughter in the DWTS online forums).

The conclusion: Not very likely.

Tech-sperts say the web coming in and out of the United States is too complex to turn on and off like a light switch. There are too many cables, internet service providers and border “routers.” Still, there are conspiracy theorists out there …

… who say, hey, the federal government knows how much is in your paycheck, how many people are in your family and where you live:

Why wouldn't it be capable of cutting off the internet? It rules and regulates broadcast television. It regulates radio.

Our commenter of the day, Robert, says he thinks the feds will soon have the on-off switch to your laptop experience:

don't bet on it – the u.s. will have such a switch as well. that they want one indicates they don't like people talking when an emergency hits especially if it's contrived. can't fake 300 million people unless you have total control of the airwaves. the internet is too loose and would respond quickly to fakery, quackery, and the like by manipulative dork ups masquarading as 'officials.'

Paranoid? Or possible?

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