This passes for a serious concern in California.

Our precious multi-billion-dollar marijuana crop could possibly maybe be threatened by radiation from Japan.

And who wants their green glowing, well, green?

It's a question posed with a sober voice in the 420 Times, a publication that explores the finer points of cannabis politics.

Actually, if you smoke weed everyday and you don't want your lungs looking like a glow-stick light show at a rave, maybe you should consider it.

420 Times brings up the question of whether — if the situation at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station continues to smolder — we'll have to consider the safety of outdoor marijuana and turn to hydroponic-only.

The publication goes on to seriously doubt your bud will turn into a radioactive dud this far away from Japan.

But if you're, um, paranoid (and we know you are), it offers these tips for the medically dependent:

So unless somehow you happen to be growing and ready to harvest outdoor crops in the next two weeks and an amount of radiation escapes that's huge enough to affect us here in California, you don't really have to worry. But if you want to be extra careful, you should wash off the leaves and buds of any plant that grew in contaminated conditions, and you'd still probably want to do a water cure for the safest result.

Now enjoy your spring crop in peace.

LA Weekly