The LAPD has begun a crackdown on Hollywood's unlicensed superheroes, arresting the costumed characters on suspicion of loitering and obstructing traffic. The arrests began Friday evening when the police took at least eight characters to jail, according to CNN.

The police began the crackdown after complaints by business owners and tourists which indicated that the struggling actors were openly asking for money, according to televised reports. While street performers are allowed to walk down the street and accept tips, actively soliciting money is a crime.

By Wednesday afternoon, Batman was the only costumed character left on the streets. A LAPD squad car pulled up and put the superhero in jail within minutes.

A couple of street performers said that the street cops told them that the crackdown was ordered “from upstairs” — meaning police or city leaders. Talks of a protest have begun circulating among the actors.

“I didn't break no law,” Joe McQueen, a Incredible Hulk impersonator told CNN. “As far as a loitering charge is concerned, this is a public street. That's un-American.”

LA Weekly