A small contingent of super heroes and one Sith Lord assembled outside the steps of City Hall Tuesday to protest the arrests made by LAPD of costumed characters along Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

Superman, The Hulk, The White Ranger and Darth Vader showed up in force holding signs that read “Justice For All,” “Wearing Costumes Is Not A Crime” and “Put The Superheroes Back On The Boulevard.”

“Arrrgggh, Hollywood characters want to come back!” yelled the Hulk, aka Joe McQueen, amid flashing cameras and reporter microphones.

Credit: Steve La

Credit: Steve La

Gawkers and bystanders took pictures and posed with the costumed losers, er, heroes.

“Superheroes are part of the Hollywood culture.” said Rebecca Holland, who portrayed the White Ranger at the protest. “The public needs to be aware that we are not scary characters; most of us are decent people”

Holland is referring to charges made by some tourists that they were harassed by aggressive costumed characters for tips that led to the police crackdown.

Holland does acknowledge that there were some unruly characters present, but countered that they were a small minority. Most costumed characters are artists who are trying to support themselves, Holland said. Because she can't work, she may be evicted from her home, she said.

In response to the arrests, Christopher Dennis, who was there as Superman, filed a lawsuit against the city for monetary compensation and for the right to perform in Hollywood again.

Credit: Steve La

Credit: Steve La

The protesters argued that costumed characters are part of Hollywood's identity, and that many tourists from around the world travel to the Walk of Fame just to see the heroes.

“If there are no costume characters, there is no Hollywood,” McQueen told LA Weekly. He then stomped off in his Hulk costume to pose with a group of fans.

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