Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor on Wednesday proposed the city impose Arizona-like immigration checks as part of a crackdown on illegal workers in the Orange County city.

Mansoor, a sometime sheriff's deputy who proposed training the city's police department to enforce federal immigration law in 2005, said the city should check workers for their immigration status and call on police to check the citizenship of drivers it stops for minor infractions.

As a result of his 2005 call for police enforcement of U.S. law, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has staffed Orange County Jail with an agent to check inmates for their citizenship status.

Mansoor, who's running for state assembly, says on his campaign site that “… one of the realities of law enforcement is understanding the enormous impact our porous border has on crime. I'll fight gangs, drugs, and illegal immigration to make sure our families can live in peace.”

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