Update: “Lara Logan Confirms She Was Brutally and Repeatedly Raped in Egypt: Why Did the Media Think She Wasn't?

Was CBS news correspondent Lara Logan raped?

The issue arose four weeks ago, when the Wall Street Journal reported that an anonymous source “familiar with the matter” told them Logan was sexually assaulted, but not raped, during the lengthy attack she suffered in Cairo amid celebrations after the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The LA Weekly reported earlier in the day on February 15 that Logan had been raped, based on language in a press release from CBS. The CBS release said Logan had suffered a “brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating.”

But did the attack constitute rape? The legal definition of rape is penetration with any object, to any extent — the most extreme form of sexual assault. Experts on legal language have since informed us that CBS' description of the incident implies repeated rape, but the Weekly has not been able to determine what occurred. CBS declines all further comment.

Therefore, we conclude that we erroneously interpreted CBS' report of what happened to Logan on February 11, 2011.


LA Weekly