As the pandemic continue to impact all of our lives to a greater and greater degree, we spoke to more musicians about how they’ve been dealing with the situation.

Eliza & the Delusionals

“I think the whole industry is hurting right now. We’re currently in the mix of re-planning what we can. I think the hardest thing is the unknown – not knowing when we can do our next show or when we can head back overseas. Things are very up in the air and it’s scary. Not only for us, but others that are living gig-to-gig. We copped a lot of losses financially, but we were lucky enough to have resources in California to help us out before we could get a flight home. I think the hard thing is just waiting and figuring out how we are going to make the best of the situation – financially and continuing the momentum of the release of our new EP on the 20th.

Lucky for us, self-isolation isn’t at all a bad thing. It gives us time to be alone and write without feeling obliged to go anywhere or do anything. I think a lot of songwriters/creatives have been finding self-isolation comfortable. At the moment we’ve been figuring out what we can do to keep in touch with our fans – in Australia and around the world – and I think we are all super lucky that social media can connect us in so many ways. So I think there will be a lot of live streaming and virtual concerts happening!

Marc E. Bassy (Count Bassy)

Marc E. Bassy

Coming down from the high of tour, straight into an unprecedented national crisis is pretty fucking strange. It’s already taught us some things though, which I’m grateful for. People really do love music, I’m isolated in my studio contemplating impending marital law, looting…etc…wondering if I should build up some sort of militia and stockpile food and water-then I relax and I remember I have a small part to play. I write and record music…so that’s what I’m going back to doing.

I get embarrassed sometimes thinking of myself as an adult indulging and profiting from my teenage fantasies. However, times like these I know people need music..and I remember how much I needed it when I was a young boy. So… I’m here, nothing different except the outside world, which I don’t spend too much time in anyways. I have nothing but time and an SM7-and my green Wurlitzer. Thank God I got Ken Rich to fix that for me….she’s purring now. When the climate is as such, you get a lifestyle mirror held up to the company you keep and the environment you create. I’m not mad at mine for the time being.

Azizi Gibson (John Peterson)

Azizi Gibson

2020 has been disrespectful from the start. From politics to the deaths the world has witnessed, its rough. Seeing people on top of the world fall in moments really puts life into perspective. Now we are dealing with an invisible enemy. Shit’s wild, especially in a world where everybody thinks everything’s a joke. There’s no sense of community in the U.S. as a whole so situations like this worry me the most. With that being said, there’s tons for me to write about.

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