Is it a prop from the latest Terminator reboot or the famous ice pick Sharon Stone used in Basic Instinct. Neither. It's the Corkcicle, a faux ice pick that you chill in your freezer then pop into your wine bottle.

Another view of the Corkcicle.

Another view of the Corkcicle.

Made from some sort of magic gel encased in BPA-free plastic, the Corkcicle claims to “maintain optimal drinking temperatures” for both your white and red wines. You can even use the Corkcicle, which sells for $22.95, to bring “those heavier room temperature reds down to more suitable drinking temperatures.” Or you can use it to stab that one annoying party guest who gets drunk off a teaspoon of booze and bores everybody else with loud, longwinded stories about their sad, tedious life. No, don't stab yourself.

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