Turns out the whole economic meltdown that America's currently mired in was prophetically portrayed in 1991's Prayer of the Rollerboys, a postapocalyptic action flick wherein trench-coated hoodlums blade around town wreaking havoc. So what ultimately saves us from complete societal collapse? An uber-moussed Corey Haim (RIP), of course. Rollerboys director Rick King speaks following the screening, hopefully on why Hollywood ever thought it could capitalize on the rollerblading fitness fad by turning Venice Beach into a Mad Max wasteland. (Wishful thinking?) Let's just hope they never make a sequel involving Segways. Also on the bill: 1986's Solarbabies, about “teenage rollerskating hockey players,” which would have made a much better title than “Solarbabies.”

Sat., March 20, 10 p.m., 2010

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