The sensational Pokémon Go app will take you to some interesting places, to meet interesting people. Nerds, mostly.

But the augmented-reality game that has you chasing and capturing wild Pokémon and Pokémon Eggs in an endeavor to complete the so-called “Pokedex” might also take you onto private property.

And, as fun as that might seem, it's not legal.

“If you are not invited, stay out of private property,” Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Deputy Juanita Navarro-Suarez says. “We can guarantee you won’t find Pokémon in a jail.”

(Actually, Pokémon is also the nickname of a guy behind bars whom, well, you never want to meet.)

The warning was part of a tip sheet released this week by Sheriff's officials who are concerned that players blindly chasing Pokémon at Poke Stops around Los Angeles County could be harmed in collisions, lured by criminals or end up behind bars for trespassing.

In other words, lift your head from your smartphone screen and beware.

The Sheriff's Department had these tips for local Pokémon Go explorers:

 -Don’t play while driving. The last thing we need is a dead Pokémon.

-Stay vigilant as you play. Distraction can cause injuries, especially when you walk into traffic.

-Play in well-lit areas. As far as we know, there are no glow-in-the-dark Pokémon.

-If you suspect you are being followed, yell for help and use your phone to call 9-1-1.

-Gamers are strangers, too. Just because they like Pokémon does not mean they will be nice to you. Be cautious of being lured into a bad situation.

-Pokémon have homes too … just not yours. So if you are not invited, stay out of private property. We can guarantee you won’t find Pokémon in a jail.

-Although you may not be able to battle your real-life BFF, you can definitely teach him some things. So have him walk with you.

-And if you see Pokémon near a deputy, let him know! Pokémon might be telling you to also look for a career! We are hiring 1-800-A-DEPUTY.

-Always be safe and enjoy the game!

Pokémon Go in Los Angeles; Credit: LASD

Pokémon Go in Los Angeles; Credit: LASD

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