Ask anyone: the podcast-listening public can't get enough of shows about human beings killing other human beings.

There's a variety of examples, from My Favorite Murder to Serial season one. In fact, just yesterday, we wrote about Max Cutler, a local entrepreneur who started a podcast network based around true crime. Well, sorry, Mr. Cutler — but you've been one-upped. Co-created by local millennials Krista Evanstin and Claudia Montrose, the recently launched podcast Murder … Live! features audio of actual murders in progress. Since it would be too difficult to just happen upon brutal homicides, especially with all the right recording equipment in tow, the scrappy duo has taken the initiative to actually produce the episodes and perform the killings.

“Sound quality is important to us,” Evanstin explains. “We respect our listeners and want to give them as realistic an experience as possible.” Montrose chimes in, “We considered just lurking around bad neighborhoods at odd hours, but outfitting the victim with a lav mic before the murder would just be a total logistical nightmare. Murdering people ourselves seemed like the only option for that real, crisp aural experience of human bloodshed.”

In the premiere episode, “Murder by Strangulation,” Evanstin and Montrose engage in some entertaining banter — they have great on-air chemistry — and then invite into their studio a man they met on Craigslist. He thought he was just picking up a used Black & Decker edger, but, boy, did they have something else in store! After the weepy, subdued man says his last words — just try not to tear up! — plus some unpleasant grunting and gurgling, it's clear that the two podcast dynamos did the deed. They've yet to secure sponsorships, but hope that once they've grown their audience, the meal-prep-delivery services and comfy, cozy bra brands will come running.

On the next episode of Murder … Live!, listeners can find out what death by cyanide poisoning sounds like. As of press time, something smelled suspiciously like almonds andkerkjrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndndnnndnnnnnnnnnnn

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