Half of the fun of watching kiddos hunt for eggs is watching how happy they are to find what the Easter egg stuffers are. But sometimes, they can already anticipate that it’ll be candies and chocolates in there. While candies are a surefire way to get kids excited for the Easter egg hunt, there are also other types of stuffers that they can enjoy and find useful as well.

When is Easter 2023?

This year, Easter is celebrated on April 9, 2023.

Other notable holidays and/or observances related to Easter 2023 are:

  • Palm Sunday: April 2
  • Holy Thursday: April 6 (end of Lent)
  • Good Friday: April 7
  • Holy Saturday: April 8
  • Easter Monday: April 10

The Top Non-Candy Easter Egg Stuffers

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are almost always a no-fail surprise for the grandkids — but you probably already know that! You might even also have fond memories of getting excited about temporary tattoos yourself from childhood. Not only are temporary tattoos budget-friendly and they come in various designs, they’re also lightweight so it can leave you plenty of room to fill the Easter eggs with more goodies!

Backpack Pins

Have your grandkids enjoy their individuality once they go back to school the next season. If you can find backpack pins that you think they’d enjoy putting on their school bags, you can buy some and put them inside the Easter eggs — they’ll love making a statement by having backpack pins that will make them stand out in school; but in a subtle way that’s also kid-friendly!

Sidewalk Chalk

One very simple thing that can bring parents and grandparents joy is seeing what the creative rascals drew on the driveway or sidewalk. If you want them to explore their artistic talents as well as bring color to your outdoor space when you sit by the porch, you can add sidewalk chalks inside the Easter eggs for your grandkids to use — make sure to put in as many colored chalks as you can. But do make sure that the chalks are toxic-free!

Pencil Top Erasers

Another school-oriented Easter egg stuffers are pencil top erasers. These days, they come in countless designs that are cute and colorful; such as animal-shaped ones and even food-scented ones in the shape of cupcakes, donuts, ice cream cones, and many more.


Add some pizzazz to your grandkids’ Easter eggs and their cute little outfits by stuffing some sparkly kids’ jewelry in them; but if you have particularly young grandkids, make sure that the beads in the jewelry won’t be a choking hazard! If you want a safer option, you can put face gems or skin-friendly rhinestone stickers instead.

Hair Accessories

We’re still not sure if it’s the older ones who enjoy styling their kids and grandkids’ hair or if it’s the kiddos feeling cute when we do their hair right. Regardless, almost anyone can use a few hair accessories — especially the little girls! You can add a few hair bands, bows, or hair clips to their Easter eggs. To get the grandkids excited to try them on, you can get the ones that have designs — because almost every kid gets hyped up when they can make a fashion statement among their playmates! Or wait, is it us who feel that way?

Miniature Toy Cars

Most Easter egg stuffers listed here can be for boys and girls. But if your grandkids are mostly boys — or if you have grandkids who are girls who love automobiles, then you can’t go wrong with miniature toy cars! If they already have a dollhouse, then they can park these teeny little vehicles for their dolls to drive ‘em or they can just play with those by themself.


Stamps can be a simple but enjoyable Easter egg surprise — and if even adults get excited with these, then you know it’s an awesome egg stuffer! They come in hundreds of different designs. And if you have the time and budget, you can have a few of them customized for your grandchildren to use. Stamp inks, too, come in different colors. If you can find an ink that will also fit inside the Easter egg, you might as well add those also! Moreover, we already know that these munchkins will stamp their skins so make sure to get an ink that’s skin-safe.


Easter is right around the corner! If you still can’t think of candy alternatives for your kids or grandkids to hunt, you can try a few Easter egg stuffers listed above. They’re just as enjoyable, they can be useful back-to-school items, and they’ll (hopefully) last longer than the candies they’ll munch on!

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