Mega-blogger and candidate for U.S. Senate Mickey Kaus announced over the weekend that conservative talk-show hosts John and Ken have endorsed him in the Democratic primary Tuesday. Kaus, who is critical of illegal immigration and the stranglehold unions have on his party, said he's not surprised.

“John & Ken have a longstanding interest in stopping illegal immigration and protecting American workers' wages,” said the Venice-based journalist. “They are skeptical of unchecked labor power, to say the least–especially the power of the teachers' unions. I thank them for their endorsement. I'm sure we disagree on a whole host of issues. They aren't exactly Democratic cheerleaders, but they aren't down-the-line conservatives either.”

Kaus is vying quixotically for the party nod against incumbent Barbara Boxer. It's more than a long shot, but an endorsement from the hosts of KFI AM 640's John & Ken Show could indicate there is some grassroots dissatisfaction with Boxer.

“Imagine how effective a Democrat would be in the general election if he could support President Obama's health care plan while also appealing to common sense moderates and conservatives on immigration,” Kaus said. ” … Democrats give up the ability to do that when they require lockstep liberalism on immigration (insisting on an amnesty) and Big Labor (insisting on support for letting union organizers avoid the secret ballot).”

Kaus appeared on the show last month.

LA Weekly