The folks who brought Donald Trump to the Luxe Sunset Boulevard hotel in Brentwood earlier this summer hosted right-wing extremist Mark Steyn and, yes, Sarah Palin, over the weekend.

We're billing Steyn first here because Palin simply sat in the audience and enjoyed the anti-Muslim ravings of Canadian Steyn, the spotlight speaker for the Friends of Abe event Saturday at the Hilton Universal City Hotel, according to a reliable source who witnessed the action.

(And, in case you're wondering, Palin was indeed in town last week).

FOA, as it's known, is a reclusive group of Hollywood conservatives founded by Gary Sinise, Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammer and others. When Palin's presence was announced, the dinner crowd leaped to its feet, we were told.

Palin entered the room with a security detail of five people or so and took a seat at a table, our source said.

Friends of Abe director Jeremy Boreing was interrupted by applause multiple times as he spoke about Palin from the podium, the witness said. 

Sinise, Paul Sorvino and Nick Searcy attended the party, the source said. Dennis Miller was scheduled to open for Steyn but canceled late in the game for reasons unknown. Speculation was that Steyn was too extreme even for Miller.

Steyn's speech was dominated by attacks on Muslims, the witness said. The author spoke of the “racial” death of Europe. He called out the “liberal” media for being too pro-immigrant and too pro-Muslim, the witness said.

Steyn was the target of unsuccessful inquests by multiple human rights commissions in Canada for an anti-Muslim article he wrote late last decade. One Canadian commission alleged that the writer had “called for the mass killing, deportation or conversion of Muslim Canadians.”

Steyn crossed the border and settled in New Hampshire, which has a great need for immigrant bloggers, apparently.

He also has written anti-gay statements and agreed with those who decry illegal immigration in the United States. “America has more Mexicans than anybody needs, and then some,” he blogged last month.

“One party gets cheap voters and Big Government dependents,” Steyn wrote of illegal immigration recently, “the other gets cheap labor and a chocolate on its turned-down coverlet in the junior suite.”

Palin, by the way, stuck around after dinner and posed for photographs, our witness said.

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