The Los Angeles Police Department is searching for the person responsible for the murder of a well-known and well-liked Skidrow resident.

Conrad Fitzgerald Phillip, who is known by the nickname, Dread, for the long dreadlocks he wore, was found dead just after 5 am this morning.

“Despite the early hour, we know there were many people in the area who saw this happen,” said Lt. Paul Vernon, commanding officer of the Central Detective Division. “We've already had several persons come forward with information, but we need more.”

According to police reports, security guards from several buildings reported hearing a gunshot near the SB Lofts on Los Angeles Street. One guard saw a Black man, wearing a green jacket, running toward Main Street, from Los Angeles Street. A few minutes later, the guard found 41-year-old Phillip lying on the sidewalk on the corner of Los Angeles and 6th streets, next to a skateboard shop. Paramedics pronounced Phillip dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the head.

Patrol officers detained a man a few minutes after the shooting, but he was released without being charged.

This is the second shooting in downtown Los Angeles this year. Last year, there were five. “Unlike twenty years ago when we had nearly 50 murders a year downtown,” said Vernon.”I can count on one hand the annual number of shootings and murders downtown. That's a big change for the better.”

Anyone with information about the shooting should contact LAPD Central Division detectives at (213) 842-0727.

LA Weekly