Make no mistake about it, we’re big fans of the genetics that Connected Cannabis has been working with over the last few years and this week’s limited edition drop of Lemonatti is can’t miss pot for Los Angeles cannabis connoisseurs.

Connected has had a ton of heat over the years. Whether it’s the flowers they grow or the weed they’re distributing for the killers over at Alien Labs, it’s absolutely some of the better cannabis in whatever price bracket you’re looking in. Be it the Moongrown Gelato 41, or the more exotic offerings like the Lemonatti that any club would love to have on their shelves.

So what makes the Lemonatti in particular worthy of this one-off “go get your hands on it” piece? Everything about it. But let’s start with its parents, Gelonade and Biscotti.

Gelonade may have been the best sativa-leaning hybrid born at the end of the decade. We traveled to Connected’s outdoor grow outside Sacramento in the Summer of 2018 to take a look at the massive breeding project they’d embarked on with their award-winning Gelato 41 pheno.

Gelato was already one of the strains of the decade when those new batches of #41 started to drop. Regardless, the hype would start all over again. While the Cookies lineage the Gelato came from may have won the decade, Gelato was the only strain that reached the top of the mountain twice in the 2010s. First, when Jigga and Sherbinski dropped the original phenos earlier in the decade leading to its first wave of enthusiasm. Then again, when Connected’s #41 pheno poured gas on the hype flames just as legalization was implemented. The Gelato #41 also won the sungrown category at the first legal Cannabis Cup in early 2018.

Connected tested tons of different crosses of that Gelato #41, and one of the biggest winners had to be the pairing with Lemon Tree that was eventually named Gelonade. When we saw Gelonade, we knew it was special months before even getting a chance to smoke it. It was the most complex lemon nose since the best Super Lemon Haze phenos dropped 10 years prior but completely different. It would go on to win the Cannabis Cup, and be the top sativa at the L.A. Weekly Desert Smoke-Off in 2019.

While the Biscotti didn’t have the same size trophy shelf as the Gelonade, there is a solid argument to be made that it saw even more excitement amongst the community of hardcore flower aficionados willing to purchase from the legal market. Biscotti brings together Gelato #25 and South Florida OG. Most notably, the Biscotti hits a lot harder than Gelonade with a different flavor profile. It isn’t as uplifting or creative, but when you see the best examples of it there is absolute magic in those jars. It’s one of those cannabis aromas that pulls you in to hunt for subtle notes behind the most defined aspects.

Connected’s cultivation crew sent us a team statement on the effort to bring Lemonatti to life.

“This union brings together the heady Sativa nature of the Gelonade and the corporal hammer that Biscotti brings to the party, producing offspring that can rival their parents in both flavor and character,” the growers told L.A. Weekly. “Through assessments, analysis and feedback, we had narrowed the field down to two phenos. Not easy when you start with 100 contenders.”

While it was hard to narrow down the pack, the Connected team feel confident their chosen pheno (#17) will represent the best of both parents by bringing both flavors and effects to the table. “The Gelonade’s bright citrus-fuel is complemented by the deep floral-hashy funk of the Biscotti,” they said before arguing the uniqueness of the experience is almost refreshing, “a perfect match for a busy day or an evening out with friends.”

The cultivators argue if you nip at her throughout the day, you’ll have a great lift that will help focus and provide an energizing feel. But beware, if you go a little too hard, Lemonatti’s “thousand-yard stare” capabilities can space out even the most seasoned smoker.

“We’re proud to let this one out for all to enjoy. Her pedigree, flavor, power and character all but guarantee her place at the head of the pack,” they said.

This first drop of Lemonatti is just a sneak peek. So if you aren’t able to get your hands on it this time around, don’t stress, but it won’t be a special edition come the next batch in winter, so here is everywhere you can try and get your hands on it Friday:

Drop Locations

Elevate – Woodland Hills

Harvest – Venice

Greenwolf – LA

Catalyst – Cherry + Santa Ana

Urbn Leaf – Bay Park

Valley Pure – Farmersville

The Grove – San Diego


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