Rep. Brad Sherman has been hounding rival Rep. Howard Berman over his support from Super PACs for several months. But if the first TV spot from the “Committee for an Effective Valley Congressman” is any indication, he doesn't have much to worry about.

The spot, which is posted after the jump, looks like it could have run on late-night TV 30 years ago. Daily Kos pans it, saying the production values are “worse than something you'd see from a local furniture company.” The ad includes text-wipe effects and a spin transition, all of which may be designed to remind voters that Berman has been in office since 1983.

Take a look:

Now check out this Cerritos Auto Square ad, which appears to date from about 1985.

Striking resemblance.

The Berman-backing Super PAC has put $500,000 into local TV ads leading up to the June 5 primary, so San Fernando Valley cable viewers should look forward to more of this.

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