Perhaps, the Material Girl (see post below for back story) had another reason for creating the temporary Madonna Gallerie— to sell her wares outside the LA Forum,

where her sold-out shows are scheduled to be picketed by locked out stagehands and

fans. According to a press release  sent out by Local 33 International

Alliance Theatrical Stage Employees:

“Stagehand veterans have been seeking a new contract with

the LA Forum for two years. They were locked out after their paychecks

were slashed by more than 35 percent for rehearsals and other types of

work. Janitors had their contracts terminated in February. The Building

Engineers were forced out of the Forum last year.”

Local 33 is asking fans not to purchase Madonna concessions, since the Forum gets a portion of these proceeds. The press release for Madonna's stores made no mention of supporting Local 33, or the alledged upcoming protests. Is Madonna just afraid of losing money if fans do support the stagehands? Does she just want to make more money? it would be great of she did come out and support the workers. In the meantime we just have to assume it's because we are…

Living in a material world, ma-ter-ial-huh…(repeat and fade)

LA Weekly