Here's our theory. People who aren't from L.A. (we're looking at you, Kobe) don't fully grasp the breadth and depth of our diversity.

We have ethnic communities for days (and decades, if not centuries), and while dog-meat jokes and thank-you-come-agains might have been okay 20 or 30 years ago (actually they weren't), singling out any group as being outside the cool-kid crowd doesn't work here.

Every community has delegates in Hollywood these days, and Conan O'Brien is probably the latest celeb who will hear from a few. Here was his Korean joke via Twitter this week:

From the outside, some Korean funeral homes look just like Korean massage parlors. My sincerest apologies to the entire Myong family.

Ha-ha. You walked into a solemn ceremony with just a towel on?

Really, Conan? Equating whoring and sacred loss? Who are you, Gilbert Gottfried?

L.A. is home to a six-figure Korean-heritage population (estimates seem to start at about 120,000-plus) that has a strong voice in city politics.

We'd be surprised if you get a pass on this one.


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