A company called Medical Marijuana Inc. announced that it has purchased 20 acres of “prime mountain valley property” somewhere in Southern California in order to conduct research on which strains of marijuana are better for certain ailments.

The company states the grounds will be “used within strict governmental guidelines as a research facility targeting medical Cannabis strains specific to a wide range of medical conditions.”

The company argues that a doctor's note for medical marijuana isn't as good as one for a specific strain because there are pot types that will focus better on certain ailments.

“By diligently developing the most efficacious strains and matching those strains to ailments, [Medical Marijuana Inc.] will be poised as the industry leader in medical cannabis genetic research,” the company states.

Now, we all know you've been doing your own research out there, but leave it the professionals. Wisely, the company left out the exact local of its new facilities. We're sure it wouldn't want any freelance experimentation happening with its sticky specimens.

LA Weekly