Do you watch Community? You should, if you like funny ensemble-based shows like 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation. Or even if you enjoy Three and Half Men. Community's creator Dan Harmon and the Nerdist folks invite fans and would-be fans for Harmontown, which they're describing as “an unflinching glimpse into the deep, dark, vodka filled craters of his moon-sized mind. Evening may include ineffectual rants, embarrassing stories and a more or less failed attempt to come off like Spalding Gray.”

L.A. WEEKLY: What do you have planned for the evening?

HARMON: I plan to establish the sovereign territory of Harmontown in the back of a comic book store, which I am, in advance, declaring independent of all city, state and federal authority so that the audience and I will be permitted an unprecedented level of connection. If that's not working, I will rap about a suggested food item. I'm asking in advance that the food be “Jello,” as I am a terrible improviser.

What do the show's most die-hard fans ask you most?

“Does it help your ratings if I watch on Hulu?” I don't want to spoil the answer.

What do you have to say to people who have yet to discover Community?

“Hello, nearly every single person on the entire planet. Watch Community. It's less like Family Guy than your stuttery friend describes it.”

Which cast member is the most difficult to work with, besides Chevy Chase?

Yvette Nicole Brown has a disgusting chewing habit she's carried with her from her days in the minors. If you leave a Diet Coke can near her for more than 10 seconds, you may as well throw it away.

Mon., May 23, 8 p.m., 2011

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