Kicking off a new “Comment Of The Day” feature at the Informer, we plug into the burning issue of pot legalization. Staff writer Patrick Coolican's recent piece about how the California beer lobby has put some big bucks behind the effort to defeat Prop. 19, the November ballot effort to legalize marijuana possession, drew some testy responses, many from folks who accused the golden-suds industry of fearing for its life in the face of an even better (Rocky Mountain) high, should the initiative pass.

But we sort of liked the goes-against-the-grain comment of “Alcohol,” who stated that Prop. 19 is simply a way for pot addicts to legalize their addiction. Crazy talk? Judge for yourself:

Prop 19 is a poorly written socially irresponsible proposition that does not address or support the problems associated with marijuana use. It does not address public's safety first. All the proposition does is say, “I have a pot habit. Make pot available to me.”

That's the big difference. That is why the Alcohol companies are against Prop 19 because Prop 19 is a VERY SOCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE proposition.

A sober opinion?

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