As you can see from our multiple galleries of Comic-Con 2008 photos, there was much revelry exploding all over downtown San Diego all weekend long. Of course, off the convention center grounds the festivities continued at multiple off-site screenings and parties, one of the biggest of which took place at the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday night. Co-hosted by film sites including and, the Wrath of Con party raged into the night atop the Hard Rock's roof with celebrities mingling with many fans – some of whom were lucky enough to win a pass at the Masters of Web panel on Thursday morning – and an assortment of envious hotel guests peering down on the fun from their rooms. We are still applauding the guy who stood at the window in just a towel for a full five minutes – you are our superhero, man.

Some photos from the red carpet arrivals:

Say cheese, Harley-Davidson girls!

Lena Headey of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The one, the only Jason Statham. (With Crank 2 co-star Clifton Collins Jr.)

Daniel Waters wrote Heathers. And thus will always be cooler than you.

The all-time bad-ass of horror, Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, From Beyond, The Devil's Rejects).

Donnie Darko and Doom Generation's James Duval issues a challenge: Take THAT, Statham.

Okay, now they're just making the Harley girls look bad…

Director of the Saw sequels and Repo!: The Genetic Opera, Darren Lynn Bousman

Doomsday's Rhona Mitra

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