Iranian-born Maz Jobrani is one third of the successful “Axis of Evil Comedy
Tour,” along with Ahmed Ahmed and Aron Kade. He's also living proof that
“Iranian comic” is not an oxymoron.
Maz –  what kind of name is that?
One that people never get right. just think Lamaze, Maserati or Mazatlan. or
how about doing Lamaze while driving a Maserati in Mazatlan?
Who are some other Iranian funny people?
Ahmad Moorfee, Jamsheed Carry and Vilfa Rol. they're all 20 million rial
stars (approximately $2,000 a picture.)
What do you most love about L.A.?
The fact that I get to practice my Spanish on a daily basis.
What do you hate about it here?
The fact that I have no idea what actual Spanish speakers are saying when
How do you feel about Obama being in office?
Love it. Did you know he's half Persian? I swear.
If you had a sitcom about your life, what would be the premise?
Think Curb Your Enthusiasm in Westwood. Me just trying to be a regular
with a family that's disappointed I'm not a doctor and married to a Persian
woman and an outside world who thinks I'm part of a terrorist cell.
When you started doing the “Axis of Evil” shows, were you worried about
negative reaction?
A little. My thought overall was that people would either love the name and
come to the shows or they'd think it was unpatriotic and not come. I was
sure that those who thought the latter wouldn't have been into my material
if we had called it the “George Bush Rocks” comedy tour. Basically you're
either with me or against me.
What do you actually do all day?
Funny you should ask. I'm an actor and a comedian. I don't have an office to
to. I don't have to punch in anywhere. so basically, I don't do anything.
However, for someone who does nothing I end up being really busy all day
I've got a baby boy now (7 months old) so you could say he's the boss that
keeps me running.
How has the current economy affected you?
I could've sworn I had more zeros in my investment portfolio the last time I
checked. It feels like they just keep moving that decimal point to the left.
Do you give money to homeless beggars?
A buck usually. easier to get them out of your conversation faster.
How can your comedy change the world?
I plan to go to Waziristan one of these days and laugh Osama out of his

Thu., Jan. 29; Fri., Jan. 30; Sat., Jan. 31, 2009

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