Industrial metal band Combichrist play the Regent this week in support of new album One Fire, so we chatted with Norwegian vocalist Andy LaPlegua about it all…

L.A. WEEKLY: One Fire comes out in June — how do you think the band has grown/evolved since This Is Where Death Begins?
ANDY LAPLEGUA: This Is Where Death Begins was kinda the reset button for Combichrist. One Fire is a clean slate. It’s brutally honest, and got elements of everything I’ve ever done.

What have you been writing about? What has been influencing the lyrical subject matter?
Mostly I’ve realized how much of an impact I have on the listeners. Early days, it was always fun to provoke people, but I’m taking a stand to take responsibility and try to make a better impression. I’m trying my best to make people aware that mental illness is something real. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean you can just “suck it up.” It’s real. Talk to someone, get help. There is no shame in opening up.

Do you enjoy performing in L.A.? Any great memories?
L.A. is always fun, tons of good memories. My favorite memories of L.A. is for an adult audience only. I really don’t think it’s suitable for the newspaper. Let’s just put it like this — did you read The Dirt?

What can we expect from this set?
A mix of old material and brand new material. The focus is 100 percent back on the music.

After this tour what's next for the band in 2019?
More touring. Don’t see us doing anything but touring until end of 2021. The upcoming show in L.A. might be the last L.A. show for the next couple of years, maybe forever? Who knows.

Combichrist plays with Silver Snakes at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 10 at the Regent Theater.

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