Collectability – Flaunting their Expertise in Patek Philippe Timepieces

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Initially, timepieces were categorized under luxury items that only the wealthy could afford due to the technology and skill required to manufacture them. Breguet made the first wristwatch in 1810 for the Queen of Naples, but Patek Philippe is often credited as the true pioneer because of the watch he made for Hungarian countess in 1868.

Watches began to be mass-produced after the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century, making them accessible to a wide range of people in the society, particularly the newly formed middle class. The watch industry grew at the end of the 19th and early 20th century to the point where there was a timepiece for almost every person based on their budget and need. However, by the 21st century, keeping track of time became so easy through mobile phones, kitchen appliances, and televisions that wrist watches began to lose their status as a luxury item.

In the modern era, vintage watches could have become obsolete as their purpose has been largely fulfilled by mobile phones, but they survived the test of time. Nevertheless, luxury watchmakers have ensured their timepieces’ desirableness and longevity by effectively transforming them from a practical item to a status symbol.

The industry has since skyrocketed and anyone who has access to the internet round-the-clock can now quickly determine a vintage watch’s market value and even purchase one with a single click. This has led to the overall development of the vintage watch industry.

A well-made vintage watch has proven to be durable and aesthetically, it has stood up to numerous fashion fads and trends and is still appealing and timeless today. Additionally, if properly cared for, a vintage watch can last for generations, making it a lovely and satisfying thing to leave behind in a time of rapid consumption.

The art of watchmaking has been handed down from one generation to the next, and even the biggest brands in history, like Patek Philippe, still use the same machinery, methods, and parts that have been around for hundreds of years. Watchmakers still use tweezers and small screws to handle the watch’s major components. The majority of high-quality watch companies still make and assemble parts by hand, however watchmakers have improved a lot of their machinery to improve product quality.

Watchmaking requires a great deal of skill, patience, and dedication to the craft. The art of watchmaking will never die, and true watch collectors and enthusiasts will continue to be active for as long as they exist. These collectors directly contribute to the continued existence of this occupation. One company that is not just promoting but also simplifying the buying process for watch collectors by providing them with valuable insight regarding these vintage watches is the New Jersey-based online platform, Collectability.

In 2019, a horological historian named John Reardon established Collectability along with his co-founder Tania Edwards. The company is well-known for making it easier for watch collectors to buy and sell Patek Philippe luxury and vintage Swiss watches. Under the direction of Reardon and Edwards, both of whom have extensive experience in the field as a result of their prior association with Patek Phillippe, Collectability has established itself in a highly competitive market in a short period of time.

Reardon began working in the watch industry when he was hired by Sotheby’s. He has led watch departments at major auction houses and is now regarded as a leading expert on Patek Philippe. Tania Edwards, on the other hand, has been employed in the watch industry for approximately 30 years, with majority of the years spent at Patek Philippe. Her first job was in public relations, where she promoted Patek Philippe’s 150th anniversary. As a result, the Henri Stern Agency (Patek Philippe USA) offered her the position of Marketing Director, which she held for ten years before ascending to Vice President.

The company was established to make the buying and selling of Patek Phillipe watches on a variety of platforms, including the secondary market, the primary market, and auctions, easier and more convenient for watch collectors. Community, Watches and education are the three main sections on their website. The Community sections has interviews and discussions with various Patek collectors, including Ed Sheeran. While the Watches section tells stories about various references, and the Education section provides watch-related information and insights. Collectability sponsored the Horological Society of New York in 2020 and took part in a variety of auctions since its inception. Collectability has also set up a YouTube channel, an Instagram handle, and a podcast to help their customers.

Since its inception, Collectability has received a lot of recognition at various events and platforms, Collectability’s exhibition of electronic Patek Philippe clocks was named one of the biggest watch moments of 2022 and was also named in the GQs Vibest Moments of 2022. Other than that, it was also on the list of the HOT 100 watch influencers of 2021-2022 and its podcast also received the second-best podcast award in the Wristies.

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