Coi Leray Drops “No More Parties”

Republic Records rapper and singer Coi Leray has dropped a music video for the remix of “No More Parties” featuring Lil Durk.

When we spoke to Leray two years ago, she told us that her main goals were to remain sane and healthy: “I want to be able to be calm and not let little things get to me. Being able to have self-control throughout the whole process. Even in the long run when I’m not even doing this.”

Clearly that’s a theme she’s carried forward, as she raps about surrounding herself with positive people:

“I’m only doing shit that’s gonna make me elevate (Elevate, elevate), Only want people around that’s gonna make me better.”

Even before this video was released, “No More Parties” was elevating Leray. According to a press release,  it “landed on the Billboard Hot 100, Rolling Stone 100Apple Music Top 20, and peaked at #21 on Spotify’s Viral Hits! On TikTok, the song has already cracked over 250 million views, 50 million likes, and counting in addition to receiving widespread praise.”

Coi Leray Drops “No More Parties”:

Coi Leray‘s “No More Parties” (Remix) featuring Lil Durk is out now.

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