Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj Click on Blick Blick: Coi Leray has joined forces with fellow rap queen Nicki Minaj  for new single “Blick Blick.”

“Want a bad b**ch like me, keep on wishing baby, Bust it open, first you gotta kiss it, baby,” spits Leray as the song kicks in, spelling exactly what a guy needs to do to please her.

Eat the cookie like a Nutterbutter-butter,” she says, leaving nobody in the dark.

It’s a killer tune — anthemic and raunchy, and perfect for dragging us out of any remaining winter (and pandemic) blues.

Textin’ with Jeff Bezos, ‘Bout to cop new Dracos, Opps is on the block, we ’bout to spin it like tornadoes, I’m ’bout to put some Louis seats inside my Lambo’, You know you bad when you can pose from any angle,” says Minaj when she busts in.

It’s great to hear these two women, on top of their game, bouncing off of each other, and the song is framed by the most simple and effective synth refrain. It works!

Meanwhile, the video sees the ladies dancing, twerking and gyrating in a multicolored room filled with other women and men with guns. See for yourself below.

Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj Click on Blick Blick: The single “Blick Blick” is out now.


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