In interesting drink fusion news, a pair of Venice Beach roommates just launched Coco Cafe — a coconut water-based coffee beverage. Elan Eifer and Brian McCaslin, who became roommates when they met on Craigslist, took Eifer's habit of mixing coconut water with his morning coffee to a new level and gave the world Coco Cafe. The line of coconut and coffee product offers a Cafe Latte drink (coco, espresso, milk). The drinks drew enough attention to be picked up by Whole Foods Market and 200 other stores. We haven't tried Coco Cafe yet, but in the age of coffee and beverage crazes, anything goes.

Hopefully Rihanna isn't too upset over the emergence of Coco Cafe. Remember when she launched her own coconut drink? Back in August, the pop singer partnered up with Vita Coco for her own flavored coconut beverage: Tropical Fruit Vita Coco.

As long as neither Rihanna nor the creators of Coco Cafe decide to go all Four Loko on us and throw in a ridiculous amount of ingredients, then we're all for coconut power.

LA Weekly