No one likes to wake up on New Year’s Day feeling as if they had a bit too much bubbly. Then again, there are some exceptional cocktails that are totally worthy of extending your hangover. We talked to drink enthusiasts, influencers and mixologists about their hair of the dog recommendations.

Blacksmiths' Gold Fashioned; Credit: Courtesy Blacksmiths

Blacksmiths' Gold Fashioned; Credit: Courtesy Blacksmiths

Jamie Cooper, manager/bar manager, Blacksmiths

I created the Gold Fashioned, a craft cocktail variation of the old-fashioned. This is a great drink to aid in dragging you through that NYE hangover. I’m Southern, so my heart always goes to caramel-colored and warming rye bourbon. Also, I wanted to pick a fruit for its tangy and tart balance along with a natural sweetness; I chose sultanas, or golden raisins, and made a mash with walnuts.

The walnut actually has more healing and health benefits than any other tree nut, aiding in anything from boosting metabolism and improving your mood to reducing risk of prostate and breast cancer. In previous years I’ve made a fig bourbon, but the sultana is very absorbent and yields more natural sugars in the mash and strain process than other dried fruits and grapes. The sugars, toasty notes and hints of sediment from the walnut and rye are a robust, smooth and creamy palate full that’s sure to keep you warm for a happy New Year’s Day. Finished in fashion, with a house-made candied walnut and an orange twist.

Aidan Marcus, director of operations, Skybar at Mondrian Los Angeles

Soaking up the sun on our pool deck while drinking a Casa Roja is a surefire cure to nursing a New Year's hangover. Made with Casamigos Blanco Tequila, organic beet juice, Liquid Alchemist tamarind puree, Japanese yuzu, hibiscus and agave, this is one of my favorite drinks I was inspired to create, after spending time at a rooftop bar in Hong Kong. Beets are a good source of B vitamins and have a lot of antioxidants and minerals. I think it’s a hearty drink, more filling and great for the winter season.

The Italian Irishman; Credit: Courtesy InterContinental Hotel

The Italian Irishman; Credit: Courtesy InterContinental Hotel

Chris McQuade, bartender, InterContinental Hotel Los Angeles

The Italian Irishman is a nice minimal-ingredient drink with a clean whiskey that won't perpetuate the New Year's Eve hangover. In fact, the combination of Bushmills coffee and whiskey makes for an excellent drink comprising “hair of the dog” with a coffee “wake-me-up” component. We don't go overboard with the cream and prefer to use Averna Amaro instead of sugar, to make it kinder on the stomach.

Leanne Murakami, general manager, Katsuya Hollywood

Sushi and sake? What’s a better combo to nurse a hangover? Everyone needs a little TLC so a light, vibrant, herbaceous drink can wake anyone's palate back up after a heavy night of drinking. The Katsuya Fresh cocktail with sake and cucumber is super refreshing, it’s like spa water for your palate.

The drink combines sake with vodka, hand-crushed English cucumbers and freshly squeezed lime juice, and it's practically a grownup green juice … or that's what we can tell ourselves anyway as we nurse the hangover!

Aaron Miller, bartender, One Pico at Shutters on the Beach

My favorite drink on our menu is the Amaro Smash; you can sip the day away, nursing the hangover while taking in the Pacific Ocean air. The drink is anchored by Italy’s Carbonadi Vodka, which is distilled five times through black diamonds, making the taste super clear. We add Amaro Nonino, a muddled orange slice, Luxardo Cherry and a touch of agave.

Anthony Mylott, head bartender, Margo’s

I love the Tipsy Pig, which is made with a crispy bacon strip, sweet vermouth, cognac, bourbon, mezcal and Cointreau. I think this is the perfect cocktail to extend your NYE hangover because it's warming and comforting and will help you forget all the bad decisions you made the night before.

The drink is a riff on the Vieux Carre, a classic cocktail originating in New Orleans. It’s one of my favorite cocktails, one I especially like to spring on (cocky) bartenders. It's a true “gentleman's cocktail.”

The use of bourbon, cognac, carpano antica and Cointreau give it a real warmth. The mezcal adds a little harshness amd smokiness subtly on the back side, which supports the bacon essence. The candied rim held on by maple syrup is fun and gives the whole cocktail a very seasonal flavor.

The Capodanno; Credit: Courtesy Mediterraneo

The Capodanno; Credit: Courtesy Mediterraneo

Prairie Rose, drinks influencer, Bit by a Fox

The Perazzi (Aperol, Amaro, lemon, prosecco, orange oil) at Bestia is the kind of drink you think you're going to savor and then it disappears in three gulps. It goes down way too easy and can be sipped on its own or goes beautifully with the rich Italian flavors that are featured on the food menu. Worth every gulp. The second one could always be savored. This is the kind of cocktail festive enough to toast at the strike of midnight and approachable enough to sip over New Year’s Day brunch.

Jacopo Falleni, manager, Mediterraneo Westlake Village

In Italy, we say, “Buona fine e migliore principio,” which translates to, “I wish you good endings and a better beginning!” This is what every good Italian family (just like mine) said [Sunday] night, when they toasted the end of the old and welcomed the arrival of the new year.

All of this “new year, new me” calls for something much more colorful than a mundane mimosa. I created this New Year’s Day brunch cocktail called the Capodanno, it tastes like a bouquet of flowers in a glass. To me it mirrors your boldest New Year’s resolution; the concoction brings together whiskey, a plant-based botanical, Blum, which has antioxidants, agave, St. Germain and creme de violette.

Robin Chopra, Momed

Lusin is Armenian for “moon.” The Red Lusin is the ultimate palate, mind and body cleanser from a night of heavy celebration. Like a red-eye coffee, we mix Wrecking Ball cold brew and espresso in a rich, amaro-based cocktail, which is full of bittersweet and smoky fruit flavors. A proper reviver that even comes with a mini smoking smudge stick to restore your aura for the new year.

While it's hard to classify this mysterious and contemplative drink, I would say it is a digestif style cocktail, due to the heavy use of bitter italian ingredients: Fernet Branca and Sfumato Rabarbaro.

After being shaken and poured over ice, the drink is finished with a float of the Visciola cherry wine, which mellows the boldness of the other ingredients and brings out some of the subtle fruit flavors in the the rhubarb-based amaro (Sfumato) and the coffee cordial. The sour cherry wine also adds a balancing dose of tartness to the finish.

Mark Hendrix, Cliff’s Edge

I like a drink that’s not a typical wintery, booze-heavy drink. The Silver Lake Iced Tea has Loft & Bear vodka, so you’re still drinking something to stave off the alcohol withdrawal after New Year’s Eve’s excesses, but the black tea/soda combo keeps it refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Roku Sunset's Pacific Scorpion; Credit: Courtesy Ali Sarafoglou

Roku Sunset's Pacific Scorpion; Credit: Courtesy Ali Sarafoglou

Ali Sarafoglou, drinks influencer, Tipsy Diaries

Everyone knows the cure to a hangover is more alcohol. If you're looking for something light to balance yourself out from the night before, i recommend the Pacific Scorpion at Roku Sunset. I am done with the creamy, heavy holiday cocktails made with eggnog, spices, chocolate, ginger and cinnamon. This drink hits the other end of the tipsy spectrum with all of its fruit infusions. It's perfect to get you out of the holiday spirit and into the year ahead.

Geoff Osberg, mixologist, Bar20 at the Grafton on Sunset

We all love apple pie — what about a drink that makes you enjoy apples even more but also relieves the holiday stress? The Jim Membership is our take on the classic Washington Apple cocktail. We wanted to come up with a drink for the New Year that was fun but also brought in everyone’s desire for a New Year’s resolution.

The great news is that when you drink it you are also detoxifying your liver, controlling your weight, boosting your immune system and so many other health benefits that go along with apples. Eating an apple the day after drinking, before continuing in this case, can help ease nausea and is great for rehydrating.

The cocktail uses Jim Beam as the whiskey (hence the Jim in the title), apple liqueur, fresh lemon juice, a splash of fresh simple syrup, along with a dash of cranberry juice for added flavor, and garnished with — what else — fresh apple.

Caroline D’Amore, owner, D’Amore’s Pizza

For anyone who has too much of a hangover and doesn’t want to drink on New Year’s Day, have brunch at D’Amore’s and try our alcohol-free, organic root beer float, which we top off with our homemade cheesecake or tiramisu. I DJ’d all night at Citizen nightclub in Dallas, and to combat the jet lag and a Champagne hangover, I crave that sugar high. Keeps me going during the day. The root beer goes great with our pasta. We can always start our new year diet resolution tomorrow.

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