As anyone who has been to a Cochon 555 event knows, Brady Lowe and crew do food parties with the scale and pacing of a Bruckheimer flick. The rooms are huge, the lights bright. Mobs scrap over pork belly sops and drain cocktails amid the chaos. The line between decadence and the grotesque is crossed again and again. Of course, like a Bruckheimer flick, you still kind of want to go. Swift as a star-studded summer sequel, Cochon 555 is back and bigger than ever. Except this time (cue the sonorous voice-over), on August 13, at Cochon Heritage Fire up north in St. Helena, the pig will not be roasted alone.

Set to take place in just two weeks at Charles Krug Winery, this event celebrates the fat-melting brilliance of open fire, and as far as pure size goes, makes any regular old Cochon 555 (including this year's Los Angeles edition) seem downright puny. Thirty chefs (including of Tim Goodell of The Public Kitchen & Bar) and 10 “star” butchers will dismember and roast over 2000 pounds of heritage chickens, rabbits, and goats. There will be sausage-making demonstrations. There will be cheese. There will be beer, wine, and cocktails. And there will be blood, though unless you fall down drunk into the business end of a carving station, it won't be yours.

Cochon Heritage Fire will sell out quickly. If you want to caravan up to St. Helena (following, we presume, the scent of smoldering applewood), buy $100 general admission tickets here. High on the hog? The $200 VIP passes include a private tasting of wine and cheese, though we doubt you'll need it.

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