Number of Americans who report using cocaine at least once: 1 in 10 1

Year that the active chemical ingredient from coca leaves was first isolated: 1859 2

Year that cocaine-flavored “Vin Mariani” was introduced in France by pharmacist Angelo Mariani: 1865 3

Number of popes who sent letters to Mariani thanking him for the concoction: two 4

Year that Sigmund Freud published the essay “Über Coca”: 1884 5

Year that Coca-Cola was first sold in Atlanta: 1886 6

Year that cocaine was removed from Coca-Cola: 1903 7

Previous Vin Mariani–inspired drink sold by Coca-Cola founder John Styth Pemberton: Pemberton’s French Wine 8

A useful application of cocaine, according to Sigmund Freud: cure for morphine addiction 9

Names of various cocaine-based remedies at the turn of the century: Dr. Tucker’s Asthma Specific, Cola-Bola chewing gum, Ryno’s Hay Fever, Catarrh Remedy 10

First instance of cocaine use on film: Squeedunk (1909) 11

Number of Americans who say that Hollywood glamorizes drug use: 7 in 10 12

Fictional hero of the 1916 film The Mystery of the Leaping Fish starring Douglas Fairbanks Sr.: Coke Ennyday 13


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