Black Moth Super Rainbow

Dandelion Gum (Graveface)

Cobra Man Digs Dandelion Gum: Andy Harry of L.A. disco-rock duo Cobra Man told us about his love for a Black Moth Super Rainbow gem.

Dandelion gum


Andy Harry: I don’t have one favorite album of all time, but I do have favorite albums from different time periods of my life. My family moved around the country a lot when I was a kid, and different places we lived as I was growing up have different albums tied to them for me.

I remember listening to the album Dandelion Gum by Black Moth Super Rainbow for the first time while driving at night along the beach in Massachusetts with a friend. It was around the same time I had began an obsession of teaching myself to produce music. When I heard the soaring synth leads in the opening track “Forever Heavy” it felt like I had finally found something that I’d been searching for but didn’t realize it yet. The synth work on the album is incredible in the most hazy way, and the combination of vocoder with bare bones melodies create an atmosphere that I’m not sure exists anywhere else.

Black Moth Super Rainbow as well as Tom Fec’s solo project Tobacco have been a massive influence on the way I use synths in Cobra Man tracks. On the surface it may not seem so obvious, but I’ll constantly try and throw a few nods to those albums in my work.

Cobra Man Digs Dandelion Gum: Cobra Man’s New Paradise I EP is out May 20. The “Thin Ice” single is out now.






















































































































































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