We've seen some awesome performances at Coachella (a post about them later), but let's be honest, people-watching is almost as much a part of the experience as the music.

Every year certain style statements emerge amidst the sea of bikinis, ironic tees and sundresses and this year was no exception. Foreheads might finally be free of the wanky, Woodstock-esque headband, but hippie-dippy fashion hasn't taken a dip.

From glam peacock rocking to Sacajawea headresses to roachclip stoner girl stilo, feathered femmes seemed to fly about the field (and at off-site parties) everywhere we looked this year… many of them very, very “high.”

More birds after the jump…

Foxy feathered extensions at Anthem Lagoon bash.

Spreading her wings.

How the collectively-clothed consciousness ends up landing in the same chickee coop is beyond us. (We didn't get the Maysie bird memo). But we do know that the get-ups seen on Coachella's culture vulture hordes usually end up being the looks of Summer. That being the case, here's what's hot for the warm months ahead:

Moccasins, ponchos (American-Indian style is so HOW now)

Cut-off jean shorts (Daisy Duke redux)

Maxi Dresses ((Still long on comfort)

Florals (Blooms still boom)

Animal ears (Cuddly cool)

Mesh (Flesh!)

Sparkly shit for day

See Coachella crowds in all of the above in this week's Nightranger slideshow.

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