One down. Two to Go!

Coachella Friday was actually very easy breezy. Okay, we left Thursday night thereby avoiding most traffic and we spent a big chunk of yesterday poolside at the BPM party (which was supposed to be Smurf-themed but didn't exactly turn out that way… more on this in our Nightranger column next week!).

Still, the feel at the fest itself was carefree, and felt a lot like a warm-up for the weekend ahead. The music was heavy on the melodic vibe (our faves so far: The Verve, The Black Lips, The Dap Kings) and the fashions had a decidedly hippy feel (Jack Johnson fans we're sure). For more on the music see PLAY, but for a quick glance of Coachella style look below.

Gathering of the tribes: Dread-headed hippies brought the whole kit and caboodle for their Coachella nests.

Rainbow Bright: Colored hair and clothing helps Coachella fellas stand out in the crowds.

Alison Goldfrapp abandoned her glam minx guise for a more earthy, Hari Krishna look. Unfortunately, her vocals were as flighty as a her get-up.

Hot weather hotties: “The less, the better” was definitely the order of the day clothing-wise for lotsa ladies. These gals took it to an extreme, but they were actually quite nice. If you have the body, why not wear next to nothing? The cool thing about Coachella is, you can wear stuff like this and not really get harassed.

Did all the hippies go home last night? Or did they sweat it up in the campground only be grungier than ever today? We'll see, but either way, we're fully expecting to see a Revenge of the 80's free-for-all style-wise, inspired by the blaring prints of MIA and the Purple One's eclectic retro looks. Check here tomorrow for another glimpse.

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