Loving Arcade Fire is easy. Dancing to them is not. That's the lesson learned by a handful of audience members gathered before the Canadian indie arena rockers' headlining show at Coachella Saturday night. The Grammy-winning band performed an epic, rapturous set that comprehensively scoured through their three critically-acclaimed albums. They blasted an amped-up version of “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)” and turned the crowd into a choir who sang along to the chorus of the sweeping anthem, “Wake Up.” The audience swayed together as a sprawling organism, but at the periphery, singular dancers highlighted the specific moves happening in the mass. And these moves were a-mazing.

Here are a few of those dance moves and instructions on how to do them at home.

1. Stepping on Hot Coals

How to Do It: Raise your arms in the air, with your right one slightly higher than your left, replicating the look of a saguaro cactus. Then lift your left foot slightly off the ground as though you were preparing to stomp on an oversized cockroach. Next, stomp your left foot down, and raise up your right foot, while lowering your left arm, and raising your right. Repeat at varying speeds and rhythms. Note: Make sure to dance BETWEEN beats instead of on them.

2. The Flailing Arm Inflatable Tube Man

How To Do It: Place your feet together and stand up very straight. When a particular moment of music inspires you, begin flailing your arms around haphazardly, like two drunken pythons. Move your torso left and right while your arms flail, as though you were trying to alert passing traffic to a sale at a car dealership or a special at Zankou Chicken.

3. The Arrhythmical Grind

How To Do It: Find another person. Woo them. Become their significant other (this must be done in advance of Coachella). Turn your loved one towards the stage and grasp tightly on their hips, in the manner of a pubescent Chihuahua preparing to fornicate with a throw pillow. Begin thrusting your pelvis. Continue until restraining order is served.

4. Fraggle Rock

How To Do It: Limp to the left like your leg was broken, shaking and twitching as if you were smoking (medicinal) marijuana cigarettes. This motion can be crazy, wack, or funky. If it is suggested that you look like M.C. Hammer after he has ingested crack cocaine, do not worry. It is supposed to look like a fit or a convulsion. No people do this dance the same, and if it seems that you are in pain, you are performing the moves correctly.

5. The Nap

How To Do It: Lay face up on the grass. Close eyes. Sleep.

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