CNN this week posts a video tour of the venue recently reopened as a marijuana-friendly hotel in L.A.'s Koreatown. The circa-1920s Hotel Normandie at West Sixth Street and South Normandie Avenue re-opened as a “pot hotel” one week ago (on 4/20). It still appears that much work needs to be done to complete its transformation, however.

San Francisco pot advocate Dennis Peron helped to take over the hotel, telling the Los Angeles Times he plans to sell $420, two-day stay packages, and that he hopes to eventually raise $500,000 for a complete, pot-friendly renovation. What we want to know is whether the venue will come under a recently enacted ordinance that prevents pot collectives from being within 1,000 feet of churches, schools, libraries, parks and other “sensitive use” sites in the city. Would it apply to this particular collection of weed smokers? We'll keep an eye out.

LA Weekly