Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald T. Sterling, who's no stranger to lawsuits of one kind or another, is now being sued by former West Wing actress Kim Webster, TMZ reported yesterday afternoon.

It's been a rough few months for the billionaire, who made his fortune as a landlord of so-called luxury apartment buildings.

In November, Sterling settled a lawsuit with the U.S. Department of Justice for allegedly discriminating against blacks and Latinos. The billionaire denied he refused to rent to people of color, but paid out a $2.725 million settlement anyway.

In December, Sterling was fighting another African American in court. This time, former Clippers general manager and basketball legend Elgin Baylor, who accuses Sterling of firing him due to his race.

Now, Sterling is staring at a lawsuit from Kim Webster, who says he failed to fix an electrical problem in her L.A. apartment building that led to a devastating fire in September, according TMZ. 

Webster, who played Ginger the secretary for several seasons on The West Wing, and her fellow tenants filed the lawsuit on Wednesday.

TMZ writes that legal papers include “a laundry list of complaints about Sterling's allegedly

dangerous mismanagement and terrible treatment of tenants — Webster

claims Sterling was warned about the faulty wiring way before the fire

happened … and did nothing.”

Sterling is certainly no stranger to controversy.

In 2004, the billionaire was the focus of a Smoking Gun article titled, “NBA Owner in Sex Scandal: Los Angeles Clippers boss admitted he paid to play.” The piece details how Sterling allegedly paid a young woman to have sex with him.

In 2008, L.A. Weekly published a cover story, “Donald T. Sterling's Skid Row Mirage,”

about Sterling's bogus claim that he was building a homeless center in

Skid Row.

The article also ran a time line of just a few of the court cases involving Sterling, several of which deal with his work as a landlord.

Webster's lawsuit now just adds to the pile.

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