If Lodge Kerrigan’s Clean, Shaven simply got under your skin, it wouldn’t be half the American independent masterpiece that it is. Kerrigan employs a full arsenal of cinematic devices to draw us out of ourselves and sink us deep under the raw, twitchy skin of a schizophrenic trying to find his troubled way home. Upon his release from a mental institution, Peter Winter, played by a riveting Peter Greene, steals a car and drives cross-country to his mother’s house in search of his daughter, who was given up for adoption years before. As Winter pushes through a cold Midwestern landscape, transmission lines zip by, their crackle and hum insinuating into the sonic salad of radio signals, snippets of movie dialogue and white noise that constantly churns in his head. Kerrigan plunges us into this fragmented, discordant inner world where everyday details — catalog cards in a library, the whine of a boiling kettle, the smear of mustard across a piece of bread — take on the disturbing significance of veiled clues. Whether they foretell a mounting danger or maybe a great loss isn’t clear. Compelled by such ambiguous signs, Winter covers every reflective surface he sees and gouges his own flesh in a desperate bid for relief. This desperation pools in Greene’s tiny but infinitely expressive eyes. His stark but sensitive performance elicits our sympathy even as he and Kerrigan refuse to resolve our doubts about Winter when his cross-country journey entangles him in a detective’s hunt for a little girl’s killer.

—Paul Malcolm

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